"You were born with Wings...."

Learn to use them and Fly! - Rumi

Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching® is an empowering process of discovery that helps you listen to the voice of your soul.

Each Chakra allows for a profound inner and outer balancing of your energy centers. Are your chakras open and spinning??

Visit Denise’s Chakra Opening Portal.

Women’s Retreats

Many women today yearn to live a more joyful, authentic life… a life more in alignment with their unique soul’s calling…Rejuvenate ~ Learn ~ Play ~ Connect ~ Laugh ~ Release ~ Relax ~ Reconnect ~ Expand ~ Celebrate ~ Transformation ~ Retreat

Programs & Workshops

Felicia offers a variety of workshops on Soul Coaching® Vision Boards, Past Life Regression, Body Confidence/Weight Loss with EFTapping, Elemental Space Clearing®.  Learn which one is right for you to start your journey to wholeness.