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Managing Empathy Overload after a Tragedy

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Managing Empathy Overload After a Tragedy A crowded movie theatre. A busy shopping mall. A fully-occupied elementary school. Recently they’ve all been turned into crime scenes as a result of unpredictable, uncontrollable and incomprehensible actions. We want to know why and how. We can’t wrap our minds around it all. It will take time to get the answers and even when we do, how much comfort will that bring us? As we absorb the information, the images and the feelings of it all how can we soothe ourselves and provide reassurance to our families? Empathy overload can be common for many...

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December 2012 “Bring it on”

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We have arrived at December, 2012, the month prophesied as a turning point in human history. Much ado has been devoted to the December 21st solstice date. The Mayan calendar is said to end here; some soothsayers predict the end of the world; others predict the beginning. Groups are gathering at the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Machu Picchu, and sacred sites around the planet. All year people have been asking me, “What do you think will happen on December 21st?” I recently picked up a hitchhiker who asked me this very question. Millions of people are wondering, some are fearing, and others are...

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