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You are more Beautiful than you think!

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While watching this new ad for The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty I was reminded of how critical we are when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Being teased as a child for being “chubby” and then become an overweight adult has stuck in my psyche and it’s very difficult for me to see a thin person when I look at myself! I still after all this time still sometimes see that 247 pound very unhappy person staring back at me! I applaud Dove for their Bold Movement in helping us with our younger generation to teach them skills that we never learned as a child growing up! Here is...

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Spring Cleaning!

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When spring arrives we get the feeling of releasing the old and allowing the new to flow into our lives. I recently was listening to Louise Hay on the topic of clearing clutter in our lives and allowing prosperity to flow abundantly into your life. This month is dedicated to clearing out the cobwebs and allowing the light of abundance to flow into your life! STEP ONE – Clear the Clutter in your life! How long has it been since you cleaned out your closet? Most of us stuff our closets with clothing and paraphernalia that existed in our lives at one point or another-and many of these...

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