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Energy Everywhere

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Monsanto March – Memorial Day – Full Moon w/Lunar Eclipse This past weekend was a weekend full of emotional energy flowing along with a full moon and the 3rd lunar eclipse of the year! With all of this emotional outpouring and energy I am left feeling emotionally spent! But, in a good way so I would like to share some of my thoughts on these subjects! When the March against Monsanto facebook page was announced their goal was to get 3000 people to join and march and it would be deemed success! Well, over 2.2 million people around the globe marched and displayed their disapproval...

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Retreat for the Soul

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My dear friend John Holland wrote these words and I wanted to share them with you today! As I sit here writing this week’s newsletter from England, a place where I have visited many times over the years, I find myself totally at peace inside and out. The beautiful green open fields are right in front of me; the historic buildings are off in the distance that hold over a thousand years of memories, and the feeling of England has always soothed my soul. Before I left for the U.K., many people asked me where I was going on my vacation, and I had to respond that this was not really a vacation...

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Sample Retreat Weekend

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Eat, Pray, Love Retreat Highlights Women’s Retreat Weekend – Dahlonega, Georgia What is a retreat weekend like? Here is a sample retreat schedule. Sample Retreat Schedule Thursday 3-5pm Arrival 5pm Meet & Greet Tea & Orientation 6:30pm Dinner 7:30pm Introduction & Circle Time Followed by Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation Friday 8:30am Breakfast 9:30am Meditation 10:30am – 11:30am Gentle Yoga 12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch 2pm – 3:30pm Soul Coaching® Setting a Vision Workshop 4:30-5:15pm Group Circle Time 6:30pm Group Dinner 8pm Fire Circle – Grief release ceremony ,...

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