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5 Ways to Love the Present Moment – NO MATTER what!

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Recently, a small black mole appeared on my ankle. I had a sinking feeling when I saw it. A biopsy and a personal call from the doctor confirmed that the spot was indeed cause for concern and I would need surgery to remove a larger section of the surrounding tissue. I got the news the day before I left to lead a weeklong yoga retreat in Maui. I wouldn’t be able to practice yoga for at least three weeks after the procedure, so the doc told me to enjoy my vacation and we would schedule surgery when I got back. Enjoy my vacation? Obviously, the doctor didn’t know me well enough to know that...

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Do you believe in Past Lives?

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Do you believe in Past Lives? Let’s explore Past Life Regression. If you’ve ever wondered why you have a fear of heights or look into the eyes of a stranger and feel as if you know them, the answers may be found in your past lives, says Brian Weiss, MD, the author of Miracles Happen. As told to Joan Podrazik Here are 4 Signs You May Have Had A Past Life ~ 1. That Old, Familiar Feeling Through past-life regression, Dr. Brian Weiss says it’s possible to heal — and grow — your mind, body and soul, as well as strengthen your present-day relationships. He says one of...

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