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Developing your Psychic Abilities

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    AT WHAT AGE DO PSYCHIC ABILITIES USUALLY SURFACE? We all have psychic awareness from a very, very young age because we’ve come as a baby from the source that we’re going back up to. So our awareness is very, very open. Most children stay very open up until probably the age of seven or eight, and that’s when society tells us it’s wrong to have this awareness and these abilities. That’s when children tend to close down. Then, generally, when we start opening up again is when we either lose somebody or we’ve had a tragic incident in our life,...

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Forgive Yourself!

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As you well know, February is the month of love! But as you’re honoring friends, partners and loved ones with hearts, cards, and roses, I’m going to urge you also to honor your most important relationship: the one you have with your own body. And I’ll tell you the number-one thing you can do to honor that relationship, and to begin to love your body unconditionally as you create permanent, positive results… Forgive yourself. Yes… this might sound simple, but if you’re like so many on a weight-loss journey, you can be relentless when it comes to...

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