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Retreat – What to Expect?

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“I can’t be gone for a whole weekend. Who will take the kids to soccer?” “My husband hates it when I’m gone. It’s not worth the hassle.” “It’s out of my comfort zone and a little scary.” We have a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t go to the women’s retreat. Some years the voices win out, and we stay home. Later, when we hear the glowing reports from others about how wonderful it was, we feel a pang of regret, but it doesn’t last long. “Oh well,” we say, “maybe next year.” Other times we make the extra effort, and we’re the ones sharing happy stories and...

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Redefining “Selfish”: Why You Should Put Yourself First

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Do you find that you always put other’s needs before your needs? And,  then you wonder why they don’t act the same? Psst. I have a little secret for you. Don’t let anyone know I told you this: Be selfish. I know that sounds like terrible advice. In fact, it’s the extreme opposite of what our mothers told us growing up. What we learned was: to be selfish was a terrible thing; a dirty name; a personality trait that no good girl or boy would ever want to be accused of owning. That word can also be a wonderful tool for inducing shame and getting people to behave the way you want...

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