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Grounding and Energy Clearing

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  They say we “teach what we need to learn” right?  Well, if you are anything like me you need a lesson in grounding.  As the vibration increases,  with the constant bombardment of negative energies and emotions, it is a challenge for Empaths and Sensitives to stay grounded. Even when staying home, within one’s personal sanctuary, the empathic antennas are perpetually picking up pain from the outside world. Because of this, we can easily become consumed with depression, listlessness and apathy and lose sight of what our roles here are. To combat the constant...

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4 Ways to Boost your Psychic Power

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What’s the benefit of developing your sixth sense? Tuning in to the voice of your own soul and becoming more receptive to guidance from the spirit world will improve your ability to make decisions about just about everything—finding your soul mate, determining your true path in life, even managing your finances! Not only that, but you will feel more at peace with yourself and better connected with loved ones, living and dead.     I recommend trying these 4 simple steps to develop your natural psychic ability. I’ve used them for years to expand my own gifts—and I still...

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