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Healing the 5th Chakra

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  Since adding the Chakra Flow Yoga to my upcoming retreat I would like to dedicate the next 7 blogs to the health of our chakras.  Each week will focus on possible blockages we might have and how to clear them.  Our Chakras are the energy highways in our bodies and when they get cluttered with debris….Well it’s hard to get to where we are going.  Our Chakras should be open and flowing easily just like a river flows! I recently received an email from the well known Dr. Christiane Northrup  on the health of your thyroid and how this relates to our 5th chakra being...

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Chakra Flow Yoga – Introducing Sara Edens

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             Get in the Flow How Yoga and DragonflyExperience retreats go hand in hand…….. While I am by no means a yogi I do see the amazing benefits of having a yoga practice for the mind, body and spirit!  That is why I have combined meditation and restorative yoga at most my women’s retreats. This upcoming retreat April 21-24, 2016 at Dahlonega Spa Resort  I am offering a new concept in yoga that will offer Chakra Flow Yoga along with the restorative aspects of yoga as well. A  yoga practice can provide women with both obvious and unexpected benefits for...

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