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Next Stop Costa Rica

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The DragonflyExperience is spreading her wings and flying to Alajuela, Costa Rica for the next DragonflyExperience Women’s Retreat.  Because I am so eXcited I plan to do a monthly blog for the next 6 months about Costa Rica.  I am overwhelmed with all the amazing photos of the natural beauty in this peaceful country. Wildlife everywhere you look, natural waterfalls, volcano’s, zip lining over the Canopy Forest…….Where to begin?   On April 22-27, 2017 I will be leading a group of women to Alajuela, Costa Rica.  So, this blog will be dedicated to talking about...

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Do you believe in Past Lives?

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  Research shows that past traumas — including traumas from past lives — such as sexual abuse, growing up with divorced parents, or living with an alcoholic can be an underlying cause of chronic illness.  Further, research shows that healing past traumas can help you heal from illness. But, what if your past traumas happened many lifetimes ago? Yes, I am talking about reincarnation! When I was a teenager, I read everything I could find on Edgar Cayce, who today we would call a medical intuitive.  He was able to put himself into a trance and diagnose a person’s medical...

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