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Are you a Highly Sensitive person?

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  Just about everyone I spend time with, my friends, family, students and other spiritual teachers, is highly sensitive. I attribute that fact not only to the Spiritual work that I do, but because as humans, we are drawn to like-minded people. And, while the sensitive people I know do share certain character traits, like intuition, empathy, and compassion, they’re by no means cookie-cutter copies of one another! As a highly sensitive person, you have a good feel for other people. Your emotional intelligence draws people to you. When dealing with others, you instinctively know what...

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Here are SEVEN reasons you might need a retreat!

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Refreshed, restored, and ready to tackle my life again. More and more women are choosing to take retreats rather than regular vacations these days. According to Pamela Madsen, author of Shameless and founder of The American Fertility Association, women are seeking more from their time off, particularly if they’re somewhere near 40 years old. “These women are on a mission to find something bigger in their own lives,” Madsen says. “And though retreats can be pricy, for many women, taking a retreat is not considered a luxury item. Instead, retreat taking has become a part of their...

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