28 Days to Uncover Happiness in your life!

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November 23-December 21, 2013
If you could hear the messages of your SOUL what would it be telling you?
What is my souls purpose?
Why am I here?
Am I living the life I desire?
Am I walking my true spiritual path?
How is my spiritual & physical health?
Do I find JOY in my life?

Uncover your life’s purpose and design a life to nurture that mission.
Use the support of daily guided visualizations and affirmations that guide you gently thru the program. Connect with your soul on a deeply profound level.
The aim of Soul Coaching®
is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.

It’s a system of processes, affirmations and assignments that in as little as 15 minutes a day helps to clear away mental, emotional, and physical clutter so that you can hear the messages from your soul.

Soul Coaching® uses the power of the FOUR Elements
along with Ancient shamanistic practices of of Past Life and Soul Journeys to assist you in finding your truth!

For 28 days your will receive a personal email each day; it will include
a 10-12 minute guided meditation by Denise Linn the creator of Soul Coaching® along with your exercises for each day. You will also receive a picture each day with the “Affirmation of the day” and a summary of the exercises. These are yours to keep and redo the program over and over again!
The exercises can take from 15 minutes a day to all day long – depending on what you choose to do! There are three levels to the program, and you choose the level that feels best for you to participate at.
Level 1: Committed to Change will take around 15 minutes a day to complete.
Level 2: Going for It includes Level 1 but will take up to an hour to complete.
Level 3: Playing Full Out includes Level 1 and 2, and will take as long as it takes!
As a Certified Soul Coach® I partner with you during your journey – I will be available to offer weekly conversations, guidance, and help in any way – allowing you to work through the program with ease, at no additional cost.
Program will begin Saturday – November 23rd – December 21st
Investment $125.00 (register by 11/1 $99.00)
This program will be a great way to end the year and help you start 2014 with a new perspective. 28 days, less than a month, to have the life your soul knows you deserve!
It’s time to start living the life your SOUL is longing for…….

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