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Many people, when they start their journey on a spiritual path, no matter whether you are a healer, psychic, medium or just someone who is interested in growth, will struggle in some way. Let me explain why. You will suddenly see life in a very different way. Your views will become a little more open, you won’t have many harsh opinions and you will be much more flexible. You will no longer be judgmental and negative. It won’t, of course happen over night, but it will be a process over some time. The more you delve into this work deeper and deeper the more you will notice how you are much more positive and less judgmental.

It’s the nature of the beast, that when you surrender into this work in whatever capacity that is right for you, you will lose possible family members and some friends. When I look back on my life, I notice the friends and some family members who have been upset with the decisions and choices I have made when it comes to my work as a Soul Coach®.

I believe the more we are involved in this work the more we grow and develop. It’s continual and will never change. I have learnt massive lessons in just the last few years, but they have been valuable for my own growth and spiritual development, and with that people have left my life.

Firstly you will notice people around you who are negative, judgmental and also opinionated and you will tolerate it for a while, but it will start to become draining. The more sensitive to energy the more you will need to surround yourself with like minded individuals who are ready to support and love you on your journey.

This is really hard for anyone to face, especially if that person is someone you are romantically involved with or is a close family member or friend. You will hear this phrase “YOU HAVE CHANGED” quite a lot. The fact of the matter is YES you have changed and you have becomemore positive, more flexible with your views and opinions. However the people who surround you haven’t and it’s just going to be highlighted more and more.

Throughout my Advanced classes, It was recommended that I take time off Facebook and all social media, TV, movies, novels and other ‘escapes’ that we find so we don’t have to deal with life that is going around us. This ensures that the students (myself) are more present and they have to communicate with people the ‘old fashioned’ way of picking up the phone, or sitting in front of someone and verbally connecting, it’s quite a novel concept really than text and email! There is much more time for family, friends and self. However at first it was initially hard to cope with, because we have conditioned ourselves to lead an insular life, isolating ourselves in our computer and phone. If you notice how many times you are on social media, your computer and your phone when you don’t need to be, you will realize that you are very isolated.

As soon as you are present you start to notice others and then the drama starts. As much as social media creates drama, you will find that coming away from it will create it too, because your friends and family start to wonder why you are not as involved or what has happened because you are no longer following your routine. People don’t understand when you change and they want to stop it from happening because they don’t want to change. It highlights their own faults, insecurities and negativity. This is why some people step away from you when you start to open yourself up and lead a more spiritual life. Especially if you are highly sensitive as you begin the feel all of “energetic drama” on Facebook & Twitter and you absorb that drama unknowingly!

So what can you do about it?

Well… there is nothing you can do. You cannot control anyone, nor should you or want too, but you just have to let them find their way. But it is hard for you because it’s YOUR actions that have created this, however ask yourself this… do you want to go back now that you have seen the light? Most of the time the answer will be NO.

Change is hard, as we are in a comfort zone and we never like to push ourselves; but that is when growth happens.

Here’s my suggestion. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, who share similar views who you can lean on and then you start to create a support network of people who all help each other. It’s powerful and life changing when you can do that. You will also discover that as soon as someone leaves your life, another will walk right in, but when they do… make sure that they are worthy of being around you. Your new found energy is sacred and you don’t want to slip into the same pattern again. You no longer have to have needy people in your life who will suck energy, you deserve to have people who are spiritually minded who will share the divine energy that continually gives.

While it’s a hard process to go through and we often resist it, trust me when I say you will feel much better in the end. I talk from experience. It hurts sometimes but I have realized that my hurt has only taught me what I don’t want in my life, it has forced me to grow emotionally and spiritually, and it’s also enabled me to help others as I am able to utilize my experiences to help them with their life journey.

There are more benefits to change and grow spiritually, than it has to be stuck in a rut… What will you decide? – With love and light, Felicia

This blog was inspired by writings from Lisa

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