The Art of Letting Go!

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The Art of letting go…..


This most recent journey began for me in September 2018 when I had planned a retreat called the Art of Letting Go in Dahlonega Georgia. Little did I know this was going to be the catalyst for one of the biggest lessons in my life.


Here is a little background information leading up to this retreat. I have been facilitating and leading retreats at the Dahlonega Spa Resort for the past 8 years. About to turn 60 years old; a milestone birthday on September 6th and a large family celebration starting on September 10th.


This past April my father decided that he no longer wanted to have a relationship with me because it was causing him too much stress with his wife and daughter (my half-sister) so he decided to take the path of least resistance and once again push me under the carpet where I’ve been most of my life.


Each one of my women’s retreats has a different theme and creates an energy that is felt long long before the retreat ever happens. There is something magical that happens and attracts the women that need the energy of the retreat to heal……Imagine my surprise when I find out I am one of those women!  I guess the old saying “we teach what need to learn” is still ever present in my life.


Three weeks before my planned retreat I get an email that Dahlonega Spa Resort was sold to a local vineyard and was moving in a different direction; possibly away from retreats and more towards weddings. I realized that this would most likely be my final retreat at a place that l loved so dearly!  A year earlier when I set the intention for The Art of Letting Go did I realize how pregnant that intention was.  I felt a whole series of emotions leading up to the retreat and how much transformation for my participants and myself had taken place there over the past 8 years. But when one door closes another one opens.


My birthday celebration began with a Magical family Disney Cruise and ended with Hurricane Florence ripping thru my home Wilmington North Carolina and displacing my husband and I for over a week before we could get back home. My children and grandchild ending up in a Red Cross Shelter while trying to get home from Florida and a whole host of emotions of what was to come for the small Eastern North Carolina community. We arrived home in the midst of roads being closed and debris everywhere you would see for miles and miles…..By the grace of god we only had minor damage to our home but there was a lot of loss around me. It made me realize that what we have can be gone in the blink of an eye. How things can be alright and next minute the road in front of you is flooding and you end up being rescued by FEMA.  These series of events made me start to think about what was important in my life. My husband, my children and grandchildren and of course our chocolate Lab named Hope.


But, what about the rest of my family??  I grew up with the thought that your family was your family no matter what. You loved and respected your family even if you did not get that respect back in return.

As a small child I learned a behavior that I needed to please everyone in my life so that they would love me. Now at 60 I am trying to learn to LET GO of that behavior because it has not served me well and has caused to great pain in trying to understand why people do not think/behave the same way I do.


There are people (family members) in my life that I have shown unconditional love over the years even when it was not returned but yet I still tried and tried to get these people to love me in the way I wanted them to love me. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out why they don’t return the same love shown to them.


After some deep soul searching, it finally dawned on me recently that I was not taking the same advice I shared with clients over and over again about self-love. You know when you love yourself it doesn’t really matter that other people think or do. When you forgive all the wrong doing in your life and most importantly you forgive yourself things magically get better…Right?

I realized that my perception of life and love was different than my family members that have shunned me and turned away and that was alright. It was not up to me to make them see my point of view or see the world thru my eyes because they have their own lens, their own story, their own idea of how I fit into their life and it might not look anything like mine.


Turning 60 has given me a whole new way to look at life.  I am now willing to let go of these relationships and stop hanging on to what I want because otherwise it’s just too painful.

Letting people go with love and allow these deep wounds to heal and realize that this is the life I chose after all.  The life I ask for and the lessons I wanted to learn in this lifetime.

These are the people I chose to help me learn the lessons for this life’s journey. So, why would I hold it against them?


I’m going to do a better job of loving myself first and foremost and appreciate the people in my life that love and support me no matter what because these are my people these are my tribe!


Here’s to letting go of the pain from lost relationships and wasting useless time and energy trying to figure out why? We are only here on this planet for a blink of an eye and it’s time I stopped wasting time and get on with my life.


I love this quote from James Van Praagh “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” If you have relationships that are only one-sided maybe it’s time you send those people off with love and light and join me in living the life you intended full of love, joy and peace.

Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master.