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Spiritual Indulgence Parties

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Are you planning a home party and wishing to add something different and fun? I can help make your event even more special with my Intuitive Psychic & Mediumship Readings!  Each person will receive a short private 15 minute reading with me .  Those messages could come from your loved ones on the other side and/or from your spirit guides.  The party host/hostess will receive 50% off from his/her cost for this event as a thank you.  If you would like to book the date or if you have questions, please contact me via email,

Time: The time runs 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the numbers of guests

Cost: $50 per person.  If there will be 6 or more guests, a discount will be applied and it will be $40 per person.

Require 50 % deposit at the time of booking, the rest at the time of arrival.

*Cancellation policy: You will receive full refund of your deposit if you cancel 7 days or more before the event day . Please note that no refund will be issued after that day.

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Manifest the Life You Want in 2018

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I’d like to share a manifestation ritual that I’ve made my New Year’s tradition; it’s a burning bowl ceremony. We usually perform it on New Year’s Eve but it can certainly be done other days of the year. It’s a way to let go of all things negative that we hold onto — and burn them away. It’s also a way to manifest things into your life by taking a moment of self reflection and putting thought and energy into what you really want for yourself. It is unapologetic and it is your own personal almanac to release into the realm of possibilities. To prepare yourself for this you need to ask yourself “What would I like to release going into 2018? What would I like to create in 2018?”

So, you’re probably thinking “oh great, why is she telling us this now?” You can do this powerful ritual anytime you want to release old negative ideas and clear the mind clutter for abundance to come into your life!

On a piece of paper, write out all the things that no longer serve you or that you would like to release. It could be related to fears, guilts, regrets — essentially anything that you view as negative in your life. When you’re finished writing take the paper and burn it. I use a large glass bowl and I burn it in the bowl outside as a precaution. When burning the paper, visualize the smoke as negativity being released from you. If burning the paper is absolutely not an option for you then take the paper and tear it up into as many pieces as possible and throw it away. Visualize the tiny pieces of paper as a fine powder that turns smokey so you can release the negativity in the same manor as the burning.

Now, take in a deep breath and imagine a pink light surrounds you. As you inhale, visualize the pink light flooding your entire physical body. Hold your breath for a moment while envisioning all the things you would like to release. Then release your breath, visualizing it as a grey mist coming from your mouth. Continue this a few times until you feel the pressure released from your heart and chest area. This should be an emotional release as you breath away all the negative emotions that were associated with what was written on the burned piece of paper.

Then, on a new piece of paper write out all of the things you would like to create and accomplish in 2018. You may want to start this with:

In 2018, I create…


 Spirit please guide me in 2018 in creating…

Strive to write everything down in the present tense. Such as:

I am abundant

I have joy…

I am healthy….

I attract loving and healthy relationships into my life…

Once you have finished this process, fold the paper and hold it in between both your hands, visualizing white light flowing from your hands and into the paper. Silently say a prayer asking your higher power to assist you with your creation in the year ahead.

Once you have finished this process, seal your folded paper in an envelope. On the front of the envelope, write, “I create in 2018.”

Now the difficult part… Put the envelope in a safe place or give it to someone you trust to return the envelope to you next New Years Eve. Don’t look at it until then.  Forgetting what you wrote down will allow your higher self to attract the people and circumstances necessary for your desires to come to fruition.

Next new Year’s Eve open the envelope and see how much of what you wrote down has come come true! I’ve been so amazed in the past at the things I forgot I had written down and manifested through this exercise.

When we visualize our life the way we want it to be we are giving energy to something that can manifest those things. This is why releasing the negative thoughts and beginning to focus on positive outcomes is so crucial to attaining happiness. By writing down what we want in the present tense we are imagining our life as if those things are already true, no questions, no worries, no doubts. We are in control of our own destiny. Never underestimate your own power to manifest in your life. You must practice the art of it. It is a form of prayer. May your 2018 be filled with prosperity, abundance, and love!

To make it easier for you, here are ten steps for spiritual attraction:
  1. Follow your heart. Live a more satisfying life by letting your heart calling guide you. …
  2. Tune into the Soul. …
  3. See the big picture. …
  4. Develop emotional self-mastery. …
  5. Align to your truth. …
  6. Follow your intuition. …
  7. Keep your head clear. …
  8. Believe in yourself..
  9. Act!
  10. Keep the Faith….
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Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner trained by International Author Denise Linn founder of Soul Coaching® International.   
Helping women ignite their passion!

Anger or Compassion….You Decide!

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When someone we love hurts us we usually react with anger instead of compassion….this is completely normal but not always the best scenario.

We have gone from…

I don’t dare speak. I will muffle my feelings and shut down my voice.


I don’t give a damn what you think I am going to say how I feel right now –  rage and all.

Both sides of this pendulum are extremes and not in service to our greatest power. Now is a time to be aware of this pendulum swing and do our own individual work to bring things into balance. This is not a 1,2,3 process but more of a tuning into our self before we speak. It is a dance of sorts.

For both my clients and for myself, I have learned that being with the anger on your own  (vs processing it on the person they were in conflict with). This step makes sure we don’t spiritually bypass the icky stuff and feel it. Kickboxing, screaming, punching a pillow, and stomping or dancing with our emotions are some ways to be with anger. Or, just STOP and use the 3 second rule and think will this matter 5, 10 or 20 years from now? This part is important and can’t be rushed.

Once that anger has received attention and been allowed to move through your body physically, you can sit with the next piece. What is the message anger has? What does it want you to know? For both my clients the anger was an indicator that something felt “off” and they needed to speak on it. And for both of these clients, “the dance” was about being able to speak without lashing out.

This is the tricky part….

Because when we are angry, we often want the other person to hurt or feel shame, to seek justification, to feel vindicated that we were wronged. Once you move through the emotion, you can get to an intention that serves a higher purpose.

Can we own what we are feeling as right and true and also be able to speak that truth from a place of openness and compassion for where the other person is coming from? This means letting go of our story about why we think a person said or did something to us and instead being open to hearing what they have to share once we have spoken from our heart. Speaking from the heart means taking ownership of how you feel and a willingness to also stay connected.

For example….
I felt really hurt and angry that you didn’t call on me when I had my hand raised in your classroom. I wanted to speak and that is a big deal for me because I don’t normally share.


Thanks a lot for not calling on me. Clearly you don’t care about what I have to say. Do you have a problem with me? You are a horrible teacher and shouldn’t be working with students.

As we come into our power and voice, we must learn to be rooted in our center (standing tall and firm) while also having an open heart. This is compassion and strength in action. Especially when we can give the other person compassion and a way to respond, make amends, or offer solutions for the future. What can start off as conflict can result in more connection.

NOTE: For some situations, sharing with an open heart is not the right approach; for instance, an abusive experience where your were violated.

But if ultimately you want to create more connection and less division, have more compassion for yourself and others, and feel empowered, take a look at the approach of leaning into a courageous conversation.

The next time you feel angered by another, try this…

  • Let yourself feel and move the anger somewhere where you can let loose. This might mean you can’t BE with the emotion right away. Like if you’re in a meeting with your boss or you’re at a restaurant with your partner, you might need to come back to the emotion that evening or later in the day. Move the anger however you need to (stomping, kicking, screaming into a pillow).
  • Let Anger have a voice through writing. You can let it ALL out on the page. No one will see it. Write every nasty, dirty, mean thing that anger has to say. Once you have it out, you can rip up the paper to both release the feelings and be at peace knowing no one will find this private journaling.
  • When you feel ready, meaning some of the anger has moved and there is less “charge” ask yourself to write about what’s underneath the anger. Usually there is sadness, fear, and hurt. Let that have a voice too.
  • Finally, decide if you want to share what you are feeling with the person that angered you and what your TRUE intention is. (If your intention is to blame, hurt, or be right, there is more inner work to do. When clear on your purpose for the conversation, practice standing tall and feeling in your power while also opening your heart to lean into the conversation. If a boundary has been crossed – be very clear on what that boundary is and state it. If you are hurt, share it. If you are angry, share WHY you are upset and what you see as a possible solution to move forward.

One of the things I’m trying to practice in my own life, is the idea that when I feel hurt or angry by someone I want to be in a relationship with, that person may not get a “pass” for their action (I won’t be silent) but I can speak to them with a voice of comPASSion. I am also practicing this with myself. I can speak to myself in an angry or belittling ways or I can speak to myself with compassion. Belittling creates more conflict, compassion creates more connection.

Here’s to your powerful and compassionate voice.

Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner trained by International Author Denise Linn founder of Soul Coaching® International.   
Helping women ignite their passion!


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Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe

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Like so many others who struggle to find their tribe, I spent much of my life tiptoeing around my desire to find a group of people among whom I could be unconditionally loved and accepted, while staying in alignment with my true nature.

Growing up as a shy child and a sensitive I struggled to fit in and find my group of friends. I tried to find my tribe, but no matter what I tried, I always felt like the odd duck swimming with swans, who all seemed to enjoy a sense of belonging I never quite felt. It was a lonely existence!


Through Soul Coaching® I learned that my ego had created this separation story that distanced me from the very belonging I craved. Since awakening to this truth and learning to push myself past my comfort zones, be truthful and show my ugly tail, things started to shift for me, and finally, I am finding my tribe.

Among these beautiful people who love and accept me just as I am, I find myself becoming increasingly brave. I show them parts of myself I’ve previously hidden, and not only are they not rejecting me – they’re telling me they love me even more because I’m willing to be imperfect amidst so much pressure to be perfect.  My confessions of imperfection come with an added bonus. When I’m brave enough to show people my big ugly tail, they tend to do the same.

7 Tips For Attracting Your Tribe

I know I’m not alone in my desire to be part of a tribe, so if you’re looking to find yours, let me share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

  • Be mindful in your intention-setting. When you’re ready to find your tribe, put it out there! Set clear intentions. Ask the Universe to support your desire. Try creating a home altar and fill it with sacred objects meant to call in your tribe. Burn incense. Bang a drum. Release old, limiting beliefs by writing them on slips of paper and burning them or by imbuing stones with self-sabotaging beliefs and tossing them in the ocean, a river, a lake, or over your balcony.
  • You’re special but you’re not special.  Sometimes we let our sense of being “different” or “special” get in the way of belonging. Understand that each of us is unique and individual, but we’re also much more alike than it may appear on the surface when we wear masks and lack the courage to be uncool. Don’t let your ego’s separation story keep you from belonging. Underneath our egos is a matrix of Universal energy that unites us all. We all hold within us sparks of divinity, and when we tap into the Oneness, the illusion of separateness dissolves and we’re left with what we most crave – intimate connection soul-to-soul.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Take an art class. Join a women’s or men’s group. Sign up for a workshop. Find a spiritual community that feels authentic and lights you up.  Engage in activities that ignite your soul.
  • Ditch judgment.  Someone from your tribe might be standing right next to you in the grocery store, but if you label her as “other” because you don’t like her hairstyle or her fashion sense or what she put in her shopping cart, you might walk right by the person who could have been your next BFF. Instead of judging someone, dare to smile and make eye contact.  Look past the surface into the beauty and resonance of that person’s soul.
  •  Be discerning. While judgment and criticism erect barriers between you and your tribe, you also won’t jive with everyone you meet. This is where discernment comes in. Get clear on the kind of community you hope to attract. Be honest about your own needs and be willing to communicate them. Ask for what you desire and invite others to do the same. Set healthy boundaries but leave your heart open. The most important thing holding a tribe together is a sense of safety with our vulnerabilities.
  • Call in your tribe. Don’t just sit around and wait for your people to find you. Put your desires out there on social media.  Blog about your tribe, so people can tell if they long to be part of it. Be specific about what you long for. (If you’re starting a purple hair tribe, tell them! If only goddesses need apply, be honest. If your tribe includes Christian Republicans or Buddhist Democrats or atheist moondancers, name it.) You’ll be surprised how easy it can be if you’re brave enough to speak your truth unapologetically.
  • Don’t be shy. Take action. When you meet people who light you up – the ones you hope will become part of your tribe – be brave enough to invite them to be part of your inner circle. Tell them how much you enjoy and admire them. Be unabashed about your affection and respect. Set a date to get together and connect with them. Start a women’s or men’s group, get together to mastermind your businesses, start an email thread or private Facebook group to connect you, plan a retreat together, or get creative in your own way!

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner trained by International Author Denise Linn founder of Soul Coaching® International.   
Helping women ignite their passion!


*Inspiration for this article came from Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD