7 Ways to get Grounded

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Are you feeling displaced and this heavy energy surrounding you right now?

When I energetically tune in to the world right now, it feels like a pressure cooker that just exploded. Sometimes I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

We’ve been quarantined for months, and as restrictions lift we face a lot of uncertainty around whether it’s safe to leave our homes.

Unrest over events we are experiencing collective grief, outrage and sadness.

Many people are awakening and learning.

Many people are working hard for justice and equality.

Many people are trying to figure out how they can best serve the world.

In order to show up for ourselves and for each other right now, we need to ground.

1. Do a body scan

Throughout the day, consciously notice your body. Take 1 minute to scan your body and become aware of wherever you feel pain, tension, anxiety. Maybe your jaw is clenched, your chest is tight or you feel a little sick to your stomach.

Whatever it is, simply notice it and breathe into it. As you inhale, visualize sending breath into that space in your body. Exhale and let it pass. Just spend a few moments bringing breath to your body.


You can also listen to a guided Body Scan Meditation created by Gabby Bernstein that I use for grounding.

2. Practice lovingkindness meditation

Another beautiful meditation to try is called lovingkindness, also known as metta meditation. It’s from the Buddhist tradition, and it’s very simple to learn and do.

For this practice, you cultivate feelings of love, joy and kindness, and then you energetically send those feelings to yourself and others. It helps you feel more connected to both friends and strangers.

Scientists have shown that practicing lovingkindness can:

  • Increase positive emotions and decrease negative emotions
  • Alleviate symptoms of anxiety
  • Increase compassion and social connection
  • Reduce self-criticism

Ground yourself in compassion with this beautiful practice. The instructions are below. Just read through them and get familiar with the structure; it’s a simple process that you can’t do wrong! Then sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, and practice lovingkindness.


Sit comfortably in your meditation space.

Turn off all of your phone notifications, and gently close your eyes.

Make any necessary adjustments to your posture so you feel totally comfortable and relaxed.

You’ll begin your lovingkindness meditation by focusing on yourself. When you develop love, kindness, and compassion toward yourself, you cultivate more love for others.

Breathe in gently. Exhale gently. Then silently repeat each of the following intentions. It’s okay if you don’t get it word for word at first – with practice you’ll memorize the phrases. Your intention is what’s most important.

Silently repeat these phrases, directly lovingkindness toward yourself:

May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I feel supported and safe.
May I have love and compassion toward myself.
May I live with ease.

Repeat these words of lovingkindness to yourself.

Next, bring to mind someone you love. Feel your appreciation for them, and then share this offering of lovingkindness to them. You will follow the same format:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now think of someone who’s neutral to you, someone you see regularly but don’t have a close relationship with. It might be a coworker you don’t often interact with, a cashier at your local store or someone you follow on social media.

Bring this person into your mind and direct lovingkindness toward them. Follow the same format:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now bring to mind someone you have a more difficult relationship with. Choose a person who doesn’t trigger you or bring too much negative emotion. Maybe it’s an acquaintance who made you feel uncomfortable or somebody who pushes your buttons.

Remember that, no matter how much this person has hurt you, they suffer too. Acknowledge their sadness, acknowledge their anxieties and their fears, and do your best to extend words of lovingkindness to this person:

May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you feel supported and safe.
May you have love and compassion toward yourself.
May you live with ease.

Now, open up your awareness to all beings everywhere, including yourself. All humans and animals from all over the globe. Repeat silently:

May all beings be filled with lovingkindness.
May all beings feel supported and safe.
May all beings have love and compassion towards themselves.
May all beings live with ease.

Finally, bring the practice back to yourself. Silently, repeat each phrase:

May I be filled with lovingkindness.
May I feel supported and safe.
May I have love and compassion toward myself.
May I live with ease.

Afterward, relax in stillness and enjoy the energy of lovingkindness as it permeates your being. Feel the connection to all beings. Recognize the relief that comes with expressing lovingkindness.

Allow yourself to be still until you’re ready to open your eyes and come out of your meditation at your own pace.

3. Sit on the ground and drink tea

Herbal tea | Feel grounded

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s something I really like to do when I want to feel rooted. I make myself a hot cup of tea and then I literally sit on the floor in my house (or on the ground outside) and slowly drink it.

Leave your phone behind to avoid scrolling. Just spend some time sitting still.

This simple activity always helps me feel calm, reminding me that I am supported at all times by the earth beneath me. It’s also a proactive way to get out of doing and into being.

4. Do something routine

One of my favorite ways to get out of the swirl in my head and feel grounded is to do some kind of very normal chore or activity.

In the midst of tumultuous times, it’s easy to feel unmoored. An everyday, productive activity can anchor you in the present.

Some ideas:

  • Fold laundry
  • Weed the garden
  • Play with your kids
  • Knit, sew, etc.

5. Set aside time to check the news and social media

I find it really helpful to set aside a few times a day where I check in on the news. Right now we’re bombarded with news and updates.

Given the seriousness of all that’s going on, it’s important to stay close to the media. But we have to make sure it’s not an additive pattern or disturbing our well-being.

(If staying connected to all of it throughout the day works for you, and you have your own system for managing it, then that’s fine! This is different for all of us.)

But if you feel overwhelmed by it all, here’s what I do: I schedule news and social media time into my day. During these times, I read the articles, watch the videos and check my feeds. And then I stop. I also make sure to stop at least one hour before I go to sleep.

If this idea appeals to you, then you can schedule 1 to 3 times per day devoted to news and social media. You can even set a timer if you want!

I also suggest doing something grounding afterward if you feel emotionally activated. Practice one of the techniques in this post, go for a walk, have a snack, or dance it out to a song that makes you feel good.

6. If you’re over-spiritualizing, take my mentor’s advice (Gabby Bernstein)

I wanted her advice. I was doing all the spiritual stuff. I was manifesting,

I was meditating, I was praying.

“What do I do next?”

I expected her to tell me the next spiritual thing to do.

Instead, she told me to go get ice cream.

Gabby knew I needed to get grounded. I had all the tools, but what I needed in that moment wasn’t another breathing technique or meditation or affirmation. I needed to chill out with some ice cream!

This is truly some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and now I want to give it to you.

If you feel like you’re doing all the spiritual things and want to know what’s next, here’s what’s next:

Go eat some ice cream. And let me know how it goes. 🙂

7. Watch uplifting content to feel grounded in joy

There is joy to be found even in difficult times. You might just need to actively seek it out! Thankfully, this isn’t hard. Search comedy clips on YouTube. Watch inspiring talks. Visit IMBD TV and find your old favorite TV’s shows from growing up or bing on endless episodes of Cheers, Friends or Seinfeld until you feel better.

Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with in Wilmington, NCWorking with clients via zoom conference.

Share the Calm…

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Sharing this blog from Collette Baron-Reid

In order to combat the Fear Virus and negativity that can be so prevalent, I’ve been making it a practice to think about positive aspects of our current situation. Not to downplay the very real struggles that people are having, but in order to put myself in a space where I can bring my best to those around me. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about is how we’re now using tools like technology in new ways. I just read this article in Wired magazine about this very thing. The global challenges we’re all facing have forced us out of “life as ordinary” and made us find new ways of being, including new ways of communing. And that’s exactly what the founders of the Internet had envisioned: The idealism that we could use this extraordinary tool for positive social connection, for support, for enhancing each other’s lives. Isn’t that so much better than just using it to have political flame wars on Twitter? (Don’t get me started on Twitter…!) More and more of us are now using these tools to build something positive, something helpful, something uplifting. This time has also helped me personally evaluate the role I want technology to play in my life. I can’t just say, “I’m not going to go online.” It’s an essential part of our lives, especially right now. While we can’t spend all day online — that’s just not healthy! — we can be very intentional about what we choose to allow into our environment. For instance, I have no tolerance now for negativity. None. My goal is to create a collective community where everyone feels safe and supported, and that is positive and meaningful. That doesn’t mean we don’t make space for people who are hurting and are scared. You are so welcome here. I’m sending you a huge virtual hug. I want you to know that you are not alone. And even in the midst of heartbreak and fear, there are things you can do to recalibrate yourself in a way that you can refocus and choose a new thought, a new intention for the day, something to set your thoughts on for the next 24 hours. That’s all you have to do — 24 hours at a time. Another thing you can do is surround yourself with people who are focused on positivity, rather than immersing yourself in the news or in social media that’s filled with scary stories and terrifying statistics. Seth Godin wrote in a blog post the other day about the importance of being what he called a “dampening agent” when everyone else is freaking out. You can choose to stay calm, to stay positive, to not allow the Fear Virus to spread. Now, it’s true this does take work. It’s so much easier to spread panic! Imagine a bunch of people in the water at the beach and one person screams “Shark!” Soon, everyone’s screaming “Shark!” and rushing out of the water and trampling each other but they didn’t even see the shark. They just heard someone else yell and joined in. That’s group panic. And that’s basically most of our news media and a lot of social media. Panic sells. Panic gets viewers, clicks, ad revenue. So if you’re hanging out on line, you’re going to notice that anger and fear are advertised and promoted way more than peace and calm and solutions. That’s one reason calm is harder to spread. And that’s why it’s so much more important. We have to work to stay grounded. We have to work to have faith. We have to work to share our hope, and our experience, and our strength, and our kind words, and our compassion. The tricky thing is, we can’t just tell ourselves to “calm down.” In fact, the surest way to make me want to scream is to tell me to calm down! And it doesn’t work with ourselves, either. We can’t just DO it. We have to MAKE calm. We can cultivate calm and peace by choosing what to allow into our environment. We can decide if we’re going to watch 4 hours of TV news, or if we’re going to meditate, or come to one of my 11:11 Facebook lives, or call a friend and check in, or pet the dogs. This is our work, to do what it takes to stay connected to our Higher Power so we can be an instrument of peace and love. When we set our minds on that goal, we can look beyond our current circumstances. It’s a paradox, for sure. We see the challenges that people are facing, and it hurts. We hurt for them and grieve for them and maybe grieve for ourselves. At the same time, though, we can look beyond and have deep faith that something beautiful will come of this. And something beautiful is already happening. I see beauty and love when I read stories of the helpers on the front lines, or when I see photos of new babies born in the midst of this, or when I feel the energy of our community. It’s there now, we just have to look for it. In this in-between time, we can celebrate what is and strive to be the best we can be. We can show up for each other, share our experience and strength, and help each other. And even when we’re not sure how to help, we can be present. We can listen. We can stay connected. And we can share our toilet paper if we have extra! I have incredible hope for humanity. I believe the best in us. I believe that we’re going to use this time to make adjustments and radical changes that will make it possible for us — all of us — to have better lives. And right now, we can slow down and contemplate that. We have a window of opportunity to make different choices, to change the way we live, and to really ask ourselves what’s important. Coronavirus has shown us what it means to be human, and to see the humanity in each other. At the end of the day, our humanity and our responsibility for each other are what matter. Our humanity and our relationship to the earth and to each other is what we share. That’s what’s important, and that’s where we can choose to put our energy and focus. How do we build a new world? I think it’s time to leave the old one behind.

Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with in Wilmington, NC Working with clients via zoom conference.

Trusting your Own Intuition

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Posted by FeliciaGrant – Certified Psychic Medium & Reiki Master

Do you ever wonder if that feeling in your gut is real or just in your mind? Well, I am to tell you that it’s REAL and here are ways to open up your heart and listen to your intuition.

Here is what Sonia Choquette has to say on intuition…..

One thing you will discover when you begin to nurture your intuition, is that what you are truly doing is nurturing you most authentic self, your spirit. Nurturing intuition is actually the art of discovering and honoring who you really are. Being intuitive means looking into your heart and recognizing the genuine self within. It means empowering yourself with the understanding that you are a spiritual being, a royal child of the light, thus keeping you from the darkness and confusion of searching for yourself worth through the approval of others.

Intuition helps you to view the world through creative and receptive eyes, reminding you that, behind the scenes in every way, the universe is helping you succeed. When we see ourselves as we really are, spiritual beings, helped by guides, protected by angels, and infinitely loved by God, then being intuitive begins to make sense. The universe is a hologram, aware of all of its parts at all times, and each of us, being an essential part of the whole, has access to its wisdom at every moment.

Being intuitive means being in tune with the true nature of the Universe, including your place in it, and will prevent you from believing anything less than the truth; that as children of God, you are loveable, and worthy of everything good in the Universe has to offer. It will free you from the tendency to harm or repress your genuine needs, feelings, and desires. In living an intuitive life, you live life with an open heart. In other words, you become committed to loving yourself and agree to accept the love and abundance that the Universe wants you to experience.

Following your intuition will also help you to walk away from people or situations that are not good for you. It will let you know that they have the right to keep themselves out of harms way by respecting your natural boundaries, and identifying and avoiding negative circumstances without having to justify their reasons.

Being intuitive offers you a world that is friendly, adventurous, and amusing, but most of all one that welcomes your unique essence. It will lay the foundation for your ability to experience real power in your lives, this power that comes from within and cannot be diminished by anyone.

Reclaiming your sixth sense and restoring it to its rightful place of honor in your life will give you an invaluable gift. It will make you aware of the wonder in the world. It will open your eyes and ears to the glory and delight of creativity. It will arm you with confidence and provide added insurance for protection. It will help you connect to their real purpose and to those with whom you share your lives. It will assure you of your natural place in the wheel of life and help you overcome the fear of death. And above all, it will give you the right to live in peace without fear, and to have the full experience of expressing who you really are. For each of us who lives with this wisdom in their heart, we help those who have lost there way remember there true essence as well. In this way we can all become healers of the world and usher in an age of peace.

Intuition is and is waiting to be awakened in all people. In order to tap into it all you must do is to make four important decisions. The first decision is to be open to intuition. Being open to hearing the voice of your inner teacher is like turning the radio to you spirit “on”.

The second decision is to expect intuition to guide you. When you enter into a state of expectation, you create a magnet that draws intuition into your awareness. The third decision is to trust you intuition when it does show up. One way to do this is to get a small pocket notebook and record every single intuitive feeling that you have over the next two weeks without censoring. If you do this, what you will have is evidence that intuition can be trusted. And finally, the fourth and most important decision is to act on your intuition. Learn to do this by playfully inviting your intuition to guide you, beginning with “where are my keys? And leading up to “What is my purpose in life?”

Here are FOUR ways to Open your intuition:
ACT (on your intuition)

About The Author
Sonia Choquette is a world-renowned revolutionary psychic, intuitive and spiritual teacher. She specializes in leading others out of the dark ages and into the 21st century by helping others recognize that we are all endowed with a sixth sense that we can count on and need to activate in order to succeed in our lives

Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with a private practice in Wilmington, NC

Did you know your thoughts affect your immune system?

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What we feed our mind affects our body!

If you’ve ever given birth or watched the birth process, you know that the only way out is through. But when a laboring woman is nearly fully dilated and ready to push, she goes through something called “transition.” It’s during this time that many women lose faith in their ability to get through the process. 

Transition is what all of humanity is experiencing right now. Shamanic astrologer Daniel Giamario calls it “the Turning of the Ages.” I’ve also heard this time called “the Great Awakening.” Both of these phrases resonate with me because it truly feels that the old, unsustainable systems—including health care and banking—are crumbling around us. We are in the thick of it, and some of you may be losing faith in the process. But this is what’s necessary in order for a New Earth (as Eckhart Tolle calls it) to be born.

Support is what helps a laboring mother get through the life-changing stage of transition. It is very well documented that, for the birth process to be optimal, a woman needs to be surrounded by those who believe in her ability to give birth. Similarly, at this time in our planetary history, we need to focus on how we can support each other—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to do this, we must reject the “doomsday,” “end of the world” messages that are all around us.

There is an old Cherokee story in which a grandfather tells his grandson, “There are two wolves inside each of us waging battle. One is evil, full of sorrow and doubt and anger and fear. The other is full of peace and joy, inspiration, happiness, and hope.” The boy asks his grandfather which wolf will win. And his grandfather replies, “The one we feed.”

One way to feed the peaceful wolf is to reduce your consumption of mainstream media (including watching movies such as “Contagion”), because these messages feed the fear that can keep you paralyzed. Instead, tune into content that is more uplifting and immune-enhancing. Remember, no virus stands a chance when your immune system is in good shape. 

Here is one way I recommend:

“Make a Daily Spiritual Schedule to Commit to Feeling Good”

Check out Hay House Author and Coach Gabby Bernstein’s daily practices; they have helped me get thru these stressful times!

Self – Care is more important now than ever! I am ready and available to work with you from my home to your home for energy healing, mediumship readings and remote Holy Fire® Reiki tune ups! Contact me today to see how I fit into your health & wellness.

Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with a private practice in Wilmington, NC

Tips for Raising a Highly Sensitive Child

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Is this your Child?

Written by: Felicia Grant Reiki Master, excepts taken from Scary Momma & Dr. Elaine Aron

It can be daunting, but what’s most important is your support.

Some children have a soft spot for animals. Others get upset when someone pokes fun. However, there is a difference between being sensitive and being highly sensitive.

The designation “highly sensitive person” (HSP) is used to describe those who are hypersensitive to stimuli ranging from loud noises to bright lights to deep emotions. Raising a highly sensitive child presents a unique set of challenges for parents. Learning how the world affects your child can be crucial in helping you be a more compassionate and effective parent.

What Does It Mean To Be A Highly Sensitive Person?

Amber Trueblood, MFT is a marriage and family therapist, an author and the mother of four sons, some of whom happen to be highly sensitive. “Although ‘High Sensitivity’ is not a medical diagnosis,” she explains, “many now acknowledge the importance of understanding highly sensitive children and how we might better meet their needs both at home and in the classroom.”

She goes on to clarify that this distinction is about more than just a child’s emotional response to a situation. Referencing the dictionary definition for “sensitivity,” Trueblood explains that “highly sensitive children have an increased awareness and capacity for receiving sensory input, compared to the general population.”

So how can you recognize the signs that your child might be highly sensitive? It can be tough, as not all highly sensitive kids share the same traits. Lights, sounds, scents or textures may easily overwhelm an HSP. They might avoid violent or scary movie scenes or upsetting situations. They may sometimes need quiet time alone and can be perceived as shy. They also often have a great deal of empathy, emotional awareness and creativity.

“Like anxiety, its effects can range from mild to completely impeding one’s ability to function in society,” says Trueblood. “Some children experience increased sensitivity only in one area (i.e. tactile) while others may have multiple areas (i.e. auditory, visual and olfactory).”

How Can Parents Help Their Children Cope With Their Sensitivities?

What can you do if your child is highly sensitive? Reducing sensory overload is a great place to begin. “For parents, it’s very helpful if they notice any highly-sensitive reactions, and help their children learn to modulate or minimize the input as much as possible,” Trueblood advises. “If the child is young and the sensitivity is mild, you can gradually introduce more and more stimulation until the child can calmly withstand the input levels they’ll find in the outside world.

As an example, Trueblood shares that her own children were unable to cope with the sounds and visual stimuli of movie theaters when they were just 4 or 5. “But at 8 and up (for the most part), they now enjoy movies in an actual theater. We started by watching movies at home, with low sound, on a small screen.”

Angela C. Santomero, creator of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” from The Fred Rogers Company, also recommends carefully screening the media highly sensitive kids absorb. “A highly sensitive child is very empathetic and caring and, therefore, even more engrossed in the media they see, ‘leaning in’ more and ensuring that the learning is stronger,” she says. Because of this, it’s important that parents choose shows that are visual, active and slower paced, and that have characters who are positive models. “All kids model what they see in media,” says Santomero, “but this is especially true of those who are highly sensitive.” In fact, this is why the needs of highly sensitive children are always considered when Santomero and her colleagues create shows for preschoolers.

Equipping your child with tools and skills they can use even when you are not around can also help your child cope and flourish. “When children have very high levels of sensitivity, it’s helpful for parents to teach their children how to breathe,” says Trueblood, recommending that you teach your child to stop, close their eyes and take three deep breaths. She also says it can be helpful for them to learn how to talk to others confidently about their sensitivities. For example: Yeah, I have super hearing ears so even regular noises can sound super loud to me.

How Else Can You Nurture Your Highly Sensitive Child?

It is essential for parents to be supportive of their child’s unique needs, emotions and sensitivities. So, as a start, you should:

  • never tease your child for tearing up over a song or a piece of art.
  • make it okay for him to leave the room or hide his face during a movie scene he deems tense or scary.
  • let her cover her ears when sounds are too loud or change her top when it feels too itchy.
  • take a break from errands or other busyness if he starts to appear overwhelmed. What seems like everyday stuff to you can be exhausting to your highly sensitive kiddo.

Along with teaching them how to avoid or minimize extreme and uncomfortable levels of sensory input, parents should help highly sensitive children comprehend and accept that they are wonderful just the way they are.

“Raising a highly sensitive child is just like raising a child with any other trait or quality that is not the norm,” states Trueblood. “Most important is helping them to understand themselves without guilt or shame, so they do not become a target for bullies or a victim of their own self-talk in the future.”

Overall, being a loving, accepting and attentive parent may be the best advice. Highly sensitive children possess a unique gift, enabling them to be deeply touched by—and to touch deeply—the world around them.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]

Is this your child and you need support?


Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful alternative therapy to help HSP children. Reiki is a stress release for the parent and a relaxation technique for the child?

Felicia Grant is a Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Psychic Medium and Advanced Soul Coaching practitioner® with a private practice in Wilmington, NC