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Thriving in your Divine Feminine

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Thriving in Your Divine Feminine

Sharing from and by: Art of Living Center -Asheville, NC

Hello Beautiful Goddesses!

What are your desires and dreams for your life? Do you think it’s possible for them to exist with ease and to live with a thriving feeling inside of you and in your life?

The truth is, YOU CAN. We do this when we lay down the burden, the fear and the guilt in all the areas that it exists within our lives. We can have what we desire for our lives just because we are choosing to. It sounds unbelievable, I know. But let me share with you, that it IS possible! It takes faith within yourself and your life, having sisterhood around you to support your dreams and desires and of course the tools to create the life you imagine if nothing else mattered.


The first step is to believe

One of the most important steps in manifesting the life you desire is to change your vibration and let go of your limiting belief system. Our belief system is ingrained in us from childbirth, but you have the ability to choose to change this vibration by believing you are worthy of thriving.

Start by taking notice of any limiting beliefs that cross your mind on a daily basis. For instance you might notice you are telling yourself, “that’s unrealistic” or “I can’t do that”, or “I’m not smart enough”, or “I’m not good enough”, or “that would be selfish”. Thoughts such as these that make you feel heavy or even sad are a trigger that you desire more. When you start noticing, you can change the vibration from “I’m not good enough” to “I am capable”, and then really believe it so you can start taking action. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “I can’t” of life but it’s just as easy to start living from “I can”.

Here are some steps to help you on your way to manifesting your dreams and desires:


tart a daily practice of using affirmations with meditation

If you are new to this idea, don’t worry about doing it wrong and feel free to start small. If all you desire is a getaway, allow yourself to sit in stillness and use an affirmation to call in the vibration such as “I enjoy my relaxing vacation and sipping wine by the fire.”

Once you are more comfortable, amp it up by doing some deep breathing exercises to open your heart and call in your spirit guides, angels and keepers for assistance. Start claiming your desires as if you already own them.

Once you start doing this every day, it becomes easier to notice when your limiting beliefs show up so you can lean in again to the vibration of “I am” or “I have”.

Hand-write your dreams and desires as specific as possible using the present tense.

his is really fun exercise because it allows you to get as specific and clear about your true intentions to thrive. Go crazy and don’t worry about how unrealistic it may seem (remember those limiting beliefs?). Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and take a moment to center yourself with some cleansing breaths connecting to your heart space. Start writing about your amazing life and all that you have and all that you are for as long as you need to get it all out.

The most important thing to remember here is to write as if you already living in your thriving. Use strong, affirmative language such as “I am” or “ I have” or “I do” or “It is”. Eliminate words and phrases such as “I don’t” or “I want” or “It’s not”. The universe is a powerful force of light and abundance and it does not recognize negative connotations. So if you say “my partner doesn’t watch football all day”, you just may manifest a partner who does. Instead, try saying “my partner enjoys spending time with me in engaging conversation”. See the difference?

Remember whatever you’re writing shouldn’t feel burdening or frustrating or feel in any way unsettling to you. Your writing should feel expansive and light and give you a sense of joy and excitement. If it doesn’t this likely means it not something you truly desire or it’s something you may be settling for. You are dreaming up your reality so set those boxes and perimeters aside!

Join a community of sister goddesses

Just as your way of thinking and how you move each day is important, so is having a support system of women who will encourage and celebrate you. Having a circle of women to share your passions, dreams and fears with is life changing.

If you don’t already have one, find a women’s circle in your local community. The divine feminine movement is rising and there are circles happening all over the world now. If you can’t find one then perhaps you can join an online community, or better yet, start your own circle! This gives you and all the other women who have come together to rise each other up and know that you are not alone.

Live as if you are already thriving

By taking time to understand everything you desire in life no matter how large or small you can start thriving right away. Think of one thing you can do every day that matches the vibration you are choosing. Maybe you dream of being a writer but feel you don’t have the skills to be a good writer. Take time to express your voice and write every day for five, ten, or thirty minutes. The more you access the vibration of expressing your voice, the easier it will become. Or perhaps you desire a new car. Take a car for a test drive or do a visualization exercise of yourself driving that new car.

One of the most important things to remember here is to FEEL. The dreams you have aren’t just tangible. You desire them because of how they make you feel. So if that new car is further in the future, consider how that new car makes you feel and what you can do right now to feel that way. Is it a luxury car? What can you do right now to feel the luxury of your life? Is it a convertible sports car? What can you do right now to feel free as if you’re flying?

There are countless ways to live in the vibrational energy of your dreams.

So dear goddess, what are choosing to thrive in? What do you choose to participate with? Say it out loud. Trust it. Believe it. Breathe it in with all your might. And never forget, you are worthy!

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master. 

Spiritual Healing Retreats

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Spirituality is not just about religion. It is about the connection you feel to the world as a whole. Human beings were not meant to feel alone. We are social animals that have, throughout our history, felt ourselves as a part of nature – one that has its own spirit, and is not simply a vessel of nerves and muscles. It’s not uncommon to find yourself drifting away from that feeling of soul and spirit. Spiritual healing retreats are designed to bring you back. Each retreat is its own unique experience designed to rejuvenate the soul and restore your sense of spirituality.

Every retreat has its own unique character and personality. What you are looking for with any spiritual retreat is a variety of features that are unique to you. For example:

  • Time with Nature

Those living in the city life often miss out on one of the most important keys for boosting the soul – time outside, surrounded by nature, and away from the cities. Nature is something you can feel, and something that the mind needs to feel at peace.

  • Spiritual Guidance

From yoga to classes, there are many different activities that bring out someone’s spirit, provided that you are led by those that are able to offer the guidance and inspiration that you need for spiritual growth.

Getting more in touch with your inner spirit involves taking time for yourself. Guided meditation, as well as activities for quiet and relaxation are all great ways to feel restored.

  • “Soul” Food

It’s difficult to nourish your soul if you aren’t nourishing your body. Several spiritual healing retreats integrate meals that detoxify the body and refresh your mind. This allows you to feel less bogged down mentally, and experience more spiritually.

  • Relaxation

Finally, stress is the enemy of spirituality. Your spiritual healing retreat needs to give you the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy your time away from your concerns and challenges.

*the above blog content was provided by The Art of Living Retreat Center in Asheville, NC  


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Felicia Grant is a Certified Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master. 


10 Tips for Choosing a Yoga Retreat

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Are you ready to hit the reset button?

Before I made a commitment to my own health and well-being, I was a stressed out corporate executive using my yoga to keep me somewhat balanced. It took going on a yoga retreat, to a place I always wanted to visit, to reboot my life. I went not only because I needed a vacation, but also to find clarity and direction. My health was suffering, my heart was uncomfortable and I knew I had to choose a way of living that would keep me on the path to growth.

If you feel the need to refresh your spirit, reignite your passion for living, and rediscover balance in your life, then a yoga retreat is what you need. Here are 10 key considerations when choosing a yoga retreat:

Here are  10 Tips for Choosing a Yoga Retreat

1. Location, Location, Location

Yoga retreats are offered all over the world. Choose a favorite place you love already or go to a place you’re interested in discovering. Are you more of a city person or a nature person? A beach person or mountain person? If you enjoy exploring culture, arts and monuments, then consider places like Tuscany, Paris, or Spain. And if you enjoy being on a warm, sunny beach then choose to go to locations like Hawaii or Mexico.

Equally, if you don’t like bugs or humidity, don’t go to the rainforests of Costa Rica. If you truthfully enjoy the comfort of high thread count sheets and a cozy bed, consider Sonoma, the San Juan Islands, or luxury retreat centers like Prana del Mar or Lumeria Maui. If you don’t like camping, then don’t go on a rustic retreat. Think about how exotic you want the location to be. Will landing in a country where English is not the primary language like Brazil or Greece make you uncomfortable?

If so, then there are plenty of options in the US. You should also consider if you want the retreat to be dedicated to yoga or would you like other activities such as hiking, kayaking, skiing, etc. If so, then choose a location that offers diverse activity option.


2.  Choosing A Teacher, Coach And Guide

You should familiarize yourself with the teacher/s guiding the retreat, like how many years of experience they have guiding small group vacations and teaching yoga. Don’t hesitate to ask for client testimonials. If you already know the teacher from your local studio or the workshop circuit, consider if this is someone you want to learn from while away from the studio environment.

Do you feel safe, supported and cared for? Do you believe that they have more to teach beyond the 60-minute format? Has the teacher been to the location (see #1) before? What is their depth of experience with the culture, language, activities, of that retreat center, country and site? This is your vacation and you certainly don’t want to be guided by someone that has no more experience than you do either on or off the mat.

3. Theme Or Focus Of Retreat

What are you looking for? If the retreat is based on life coaching and personal growth but you are only looking for exercise and physical activity, then the fit won’t meet your expectations. And if you are looking for tranquility but the schedule seems heavy with constant physical activity, then keep looking.

Ask what your intentions are from this experience e.g., get your life direction in order, weight loss, let go of old emotions no longer serving you, make new friends, etc. Read the descriptions of the retreat themes carefully and find the one that most speaks to what you are looking for. The retreat’s focus will bring together like-minded people so already you will find a sense of connection to others and that will enhance an already incredible experience.

4.  Price

When it comes to how much you will be spending, It’s easiest to manage your budget if you look at retreats that are inclusive of pretty much everything except airfare. This makes it easier to be aware of what your total trip expense will be. It’s easy to overspend if your lodging and meals are not yet included in a retreat package.


Don’t let yourself get intoxicated by the cheapest price. There could be many reasons for this; for example, maybe the size of the retreat will be 50-75 clients all paying less. Also, in relation to trip cost, think about the length of your retreat. Are you looking for quality or quantity? There are ways to save money, ask to have a roommate arranged or check into group or dorm, living options as well as camping.

5. Timing And Duration

You can choose anywhere from a 2-night weekend, to longer than 10 days. This flexibility allows some sort of getaway approachable for most people. Just don’t assume that longer equals better. Sometimes, all we need is a weekend getaway to “reboot.”

If you want to plan for something 11 months from now, I applaud you. However, if things in your life are falling apart now, don’t wait to start healing. Get happy now; seek retreat today.

6. Level Of Luxury

Do not apologize for wanting luxury on your yoga retreat. This is your vacation. There are 5-star luxury centers who offer the yogi with discerning tastes high thread count sheets, travertine tile, ocean front, private decks and patios, concierge service and gourmet cuisine. At the other end of the spectrum, you might also choose camping options in combination with hiking and yoga out in the wilderness.

There is something for everyone in between as well. Know yourself well enough to choose your best option. And remember “off-grid” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Be sure to ask if this means no electricity or wifi, but more gracious accommodations or simply off the beaten path away from light pollution and other people.

7. Size Of Retreat

Be certain to ask about the minimum and maximum number of guests on retreat. If you get lost in big groups over 40 or 50 then choose a retreat that has a comfortable range, let’s say 10-15 people. Also if you are someone who is looking to grow friendships on retreat, and the retreat will run with even just 3 people, then be ready to choose wisely. The activities, besides the yoga, can also be influenced by the size of the group.

8. Style Or Type Of Yoga

A retreat can be like a mini “teacher training” because in 7 days, you’ll spend 168 hours together. Therefore, it is important to make sure you feel aligned with the style of yoga you will be practicing (Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, etc.). You should also make sure the level of yoga (beginner, intermediate, advanced, multi-level) meets your needs.

For instance, if you want a sweaty practice but the itinerary only includes restorative yoga, set your expectations. Also consider how much yoga you will practice while on retreat. Some yoga holidays may offer only one class a day, while others offer 2 classes daily and mini-workshops, private coaching or yoga clinics.

Also, align your retreat with how you define yoga. If your definition includes meditation, philosophy, chanting but the style offered doesn’t include what’s important to you, then keep looking.

9. Professional Experience

The best advice is to sign-up for a retreat through an organization that specializes in Yoga Retreats or go with an experienced Retreat Guide. You can then be assured that all of the groundwork has been done, and it is definitely comforting to know that the hosts can vouch for their retreats before you invest a ton of time, money and precious vacation hours.

10. Do It For You

In applying these guidelines, it is important to know what you are saying YES to, as well as what you are saying NO to. Make sure that you are not basing your decision on what everyone else wants you to do, or even the availability of your partner. Do this for you.

How do you best choose a yoga retreat? Choose based on what you want. From there, the foundation will be set for the best experience possible!

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master. 

10 Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat in Italy

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10 Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat in Italy


10 Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat

Wondering why yoga retreats are so popular? Because of all the amazing benefits that come from going on a retreat of course!

We love yoga retreats here at WeTravel. Actually, we love any type of retreat and wellness trip! If you’ve noticed the signs it’s time for a retreat but you’re not sure if it’s really for you, or what the benefits of going on retreat are then here’s 25 reasons why you need to make it happen.

Benefits of a Yoga Retreat


Many yoga retreats take place in beautiful natural locations around the world. What better way to get out of the hustle and bustle of city living than to go on a yoga retreat! You’ll be able to connect with nature on a deeper level, immersing yourself in your surroundings and taking advantage of them in a way you might not otherwise do.


Not every retreat is a digital detox, but you can make it that way if you want to. Going on a retreat vacation is a perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get back to basics. So many jobs now require us to be on call and connected 24/7. Even if they don’t we can end up spending a large amount of our free time on social media and glued to screens. Be in the moment and away from digital distractions by going on a yoga retreat!


If you find yourself stressed by your current circumstance then attending a yoga retreat can help you to take a step back and evaluate where you’re at from a distance. Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions when we’re too close to the situation. Going on retreat can give you the benefit of distance and help you to reevaluate.


When you’re on retreat each day has an element of purpose. You’re concentrating on your practice, and relaxing or taking advantage of optional activities in between. Your health and wellbeing are placed front and center. Each day you can achieve what you set out to do, and have a taste of living your life with an element of purpose.


One of the best benefits of a yoga retreat is having access to inspirational yoga teachers for more than just a class. You can take advantage of any one-on-one time they offer to help you with your practice, and speak to them throughout the retreat about yoga and wellness in general.


If you find it impossible to silence your mind and you’re always thinking of the next thing you need to do then a yoga retreat gives you a great opportunity to stop overthinking it all. Use a yoga retreat to turn off all the noise of your own voice and open yourself to a more positive way of thinking. Meditation is often part of a retreat program, and you can speak to your instructor about helping you to harness your thoughts!


One of the best benefits of going on a yoga retreat is taking a vacation full of positive energy! On retreat, you’ll surround yourself with positive thoughts and feelings. No need to worry about any vacation stress, just embrace the positives vibes coming your way.


A yoga retreat can be healing for your mental and physical health. Going on retreat can change your life, and help you to deal with any emotional and mental issues you may be having. It can also be healing for your body if you’ve experienced injury.


We often have fears about the things we care about the most, but the best thing we can do is harness that fear for positive energy and remove it from our life. A retreat is a safe place to be guided through fears, and face them head on.


If you struggle to find time to practice yoga in your everyday life then the benefit of going on a yoga retreat is being able to practice every day without distraction. Even the most seasoned yoga practitioner can deepen their practice on retreat and aim to reach the next level.

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Felicia Grant is a Certified Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master. 

Top Questions to ask yourself before booking a retreat

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Top Questions Women’s retreats

If you’ve ever thought about attending a Spiritual Retreat, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions before you embark on your magical journey. Retreats are for people that are willing and ready to grow. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you ready to give yourself permission to finally give back and invest in yourself?

It’s common to fall in love with the idea of attending a retreat and taking sacred time for yourself away from the rest of the world, but are you willing to pay what it costs to stay in alignment with what your Soul truly wants?  Are you willing to give yourself permission to sign up for the retreat? There’s no need to explain yourself to others and check in to see if you are allowed to go on this journey. You should be willing to say “This is what I have to do for me. I give myself permission.”

Is your leader someone you trust and respect?

The person who runs the retreat sets the tone of the whole experience. There are small details that help everything flow harmoniously, including the group that attends.  Your teacher should be someone you can count on to lead the group through a sacred experience; an experience that is filled with peace, relaxation, knowledge, and someone that can hold space for you on your journey.

When exploring different retreat options make sure your retreat leader has done many many retreats and looks at this as a business instead of a free vacation. I personally have been leading women’s retreats since 2008.

As a Soul Coach, and Intuitive I truly believe in creating a schedule that allows time to not only be together as a group, but also allows my participants time to have personal sacred moments. I believe in the power of intention throughout the whole process of creating my retreats.  Sometimes a quiet presence and intention is what is needed for each personal journey. I am the one that holds the space for them to have their experience.

Does the environment feel energetically aligned with what your soul craves?

Think about what kind of setting you are looking for, while experiencing this sacred journey.  The environment should feel calming, beautiful, heart opening, and sacred. It should be a  place that feels like vacation, while learning to come back to yourself once again.

         It’s very easy to put off a retreat until “next time” but will there ever be a good time? We must value ourselves enough to recharge and invest in ourselves. You can’t put a price on self-care. A retreat is the perfect spot to be separated from the rest of the world and come back to your center. If you attend the retreat of your dreams, you will never be the same again.

Fun Facts about Italy!

Fact no. 1

Italy is home to Europe’s only three active volcanoes: Etna, Stromboli and Vesuvius.

Fact no. 2

Italy has been a country for 153 years.

Fact no. 3

Up until 1999 children only had to attend school until they were 14.

Fact no. 4

Pizza was invented in Naples and dates back to 1860.

Fact no . 5

The Vatican City, in Rome, is the smallest country in the world.

Fact no. 6

Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world.

Fact no. 7

Italy is the world’s largest exporter of wine.


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Felicia Grant is a Certified Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner,

Certified Spiritual Advisor ™Medium

USUI Holy Fire Reiki Master. 

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