Want to Change your Life? Start practicing Gratitude.

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The idea of practicing gratitude to change your circumstances and your life is probably not totally new to you. But even though you may have heard about gratitude being a game-changer, you may have no idea how to practice gratitude. As someone who firmly believes in the power of practicing gratitude as a means to rising into your truest self, I wanted to share these tips with you on how to practice gratitude, so you can get started (and reap the rewards) right away. Benefits of Practicing Gratitude I believe that practicing gratitude will deliver countless benefits to you, but...

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Psychic Kids…what do I do?

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This topic comes up over and over again with parents or grandparents raising highly sensitive children. They talk of seeing relatives or family members that have passed in great detail even though they have never meet them. It’s important that we don’t brush off these encounters with our children by saying things like “it’s just in their imagination or they must be making this up!” Even though we can’t see or understand these things our enlightened little ones can! Here are some tips to help you and help our psychic kids! Helping your child...

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What is the difference between a psychic and medium?

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  By Felicia Grant: Soul Coach – Medium – Reiki Master   Not all psychics claim to be mediums, and not all mediums claim to be psychic. But then there are people like me, who consider themselves psychic mediums. There’s a little bit of overlap. Enter, the grey area. Let me explain. Psychics use clairaudient (perceptive hearing), clairvoyant (perceptive seeing), clairsentient (perceptive sensing and feeling), and claircognizant (perceptive knowing) information that they PERCEIVE from you, to provide you with a clear and accurate reading. They perceive your Spirit. Each and...

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Listening to the Whispers of your Soul

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After returning from a week of Advanced Mediumship in Daytona Beach Florida I felt a bit overwhelmed with the “muggles” and the day to day real life things that drag you down…. I went into my sanctuary to spend time in reflection and meditation. As I have done 100’s of times I sat in Trance/Meditation and connected to those who offer my spiritual guidance. My loved ones, my guides, my guardians and my angels. As I began to surrender to the spirit with no expectation my brain began to ask for “proof” that those who guide me were there. That was...

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10 Reasons To Go On A Women’s Yoga Retreat

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By: Felicia Grant 10 Reasons To Go On A Women’s Yoga Retreat Retiring from Corporate America in 2008 and hosting my first women’s retreat in 2010 was a major turning point in my life. I saw first hand the impact a retreat can have on the women attending these truly transformative experiences so I began to offer more and more retreats each year! It’s now become my passion. I add a bit of yoga and sound healing to enhance the healing experience.   Here Are 10 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat: 1. You’ll take your yoga to the next level.  Practicing yoga regularly...

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Benefits of Sound Healing at Retreats

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Benefits of Sound Healing at Retreats If every sound is vibration and if the vibration touches each and every cell of our body, we can understand that we don’t perceive sound only with the ears, but with cell in our body. Stress reduction is one of the most important results of receiving sound therapy. Stress is the underlying cause of many physical conditions and it melts away with ease when you are bathed in a sea of sound healing vibrations. Sound Therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Emotional imbalances are at the...

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