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Differences between a Mediumship Reading and a Psychic Reading.

“All mediums are psychic but not all psychic’s are mediums!”

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?

As quoted by Bob Olson, Best Psychic Directory founder & author of Answers About The Afterlife.

Psychics (also known as intuitives) receive messages from Universal Energy, what some people call the quantum field, which includes your personal aura (energy). This ability is best used for guidance around life issues and direction.

The primary purpose of psychics, in my opinion, is to confirm to us what our own intuitions are telling us in order that we learn to trust our inner wisdom. If a psychic can help us do that, they’ve done a wonderful job.

Mediums (often called psychic mediums because they are both psychic and mediumistic) receive messages from spirits, including our deceased loved ones and our spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels. Their ability is best for spirit communication.

The primary purpose of psychic mediums, in my opinion, is to provide evidence that our deceased loved ones are in spirit and are at peace in the afterlife. In this way, psychic mediums help comfort and heal our grief, and they teach us to not fear death.

It is often said that all mediums are psychics (meaning that they have both abilities), but psychics are not mediums (meaning they have only psychic ability). This always seemed correct since psychic mediums are gifted to receive both psychic and mediumistic messages. However, in the last decade of my research, I’ve come to recognize that this discrepancy between psychics and psychic mediums isn’t entirely accurate.

Due to the popularity of mediumship (spirit communication) in the last decade, I know dozens of psychics who have become excellent mediums as well. So evidence suggests that people who have psychic ability have a predisposition for mediumistic ability too. However, this doesn’t mean that all psychics will be good at spirit communication. In fact, it’s equally true that not all mediums are good at using their psychic ability either. Most people tend to be better at one or the other.

Think of psychics and mediums the same way you might think of lawyers and tax lawyers or general physicians and cardiologists. You can certainly go to your family lawyer about your taxes, and he’ll be able to help you to a point. But you’d get better service regarding your taxes if you went to a tax lawyer. In the same manner, you could go see your general physician about your heart. But if she thinks you need more specialized knowledge, she’s going to send you to a cardiologist.

Well, that’s the difference between psychics and mediums. If you want information that comes from energy (guidance, direction, predictions), go to a psychic. If you’re seeking spirit communication, go to a medium. It’s that simple.


Do you ever wonder what an actual Psychic Medium  is really like? Not who they portray themselves as in the media or who you might see in an office but what they’re *really* like day to day. I have a secret for you. We’re just the same as you are! Shocked, right? It’s sort of like when you’re little and you see your teacher in the supermarket and you can’t believe they actually go food shopping.

When I meet people and tell them that I am a Psychic Medium, they have all sorts of pre-conceived impressions of what I actually do. It could be from the movies, something they’ve heard from a friend or social media. But what I like to tell people is that I am just a normal person. I’m not magical- I don’t fly and I don’t spend my day babbling incoherently. I’m a regular person just like you. Its just that I’ve put time and effort into honing my gift, and from the outside it may look magical. But I do believe that everybody has the ability to connect to spirit. It’s just a matter of exercising those muscles.

Just imagine you wanted to be a professional bodybuilder. You would eat right, go to the gym all the time, cut your carbs etc. Basically do everything that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does. It’s the same thing with Mediumship. Everyone is innately born with a sixth sense and the ability to connect to Spirit. If you wanted to do this work you would need to put some effort into it. And yes it’s true that some people might be more naturally suited to this type of work in the first place but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to develop their gift. All the mediums I know are constantly working to better their craft. Just like an elite athlete or a great actor, most of us continually try to do our best work- and this “best work” is always evolving. Anyone that tells you they don’t need to continue developing you might want to steer clear of because after all, nobody is perfect.

I’m just like you just a bit more sensitive………

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