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  • Mediumship Spirit Connection Reading:  Working as an Evidential spirit medium Felicia is a clear vessel to receive messages from guides, and your loved ones who have crossed over to the sprit world. Using my natural abilities to receive and deliver loving “evidential” messages of validation for you. This session can provide a sense of peace and reassurance that your loved ones who crossed over are still around you. Please keep your heart and mind open, free, and have no specific expectation. Although it is her service to connect with spirits around the clients, there is no guarantee that you will receive a specific message from a specific spirit.  30 or 50 minutes.
  • Intuitive Life Soul Reading aka Psychic: Felicia uses her energy to connect with your spirit guides to help guide you in living your best life. The messages from our guides will certainly validate and clarify your questions and answers that you might have in your life right now.  30 or 50 minutes.

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  • Psychic Medium Parties – Are you planning a home party or girls night out and looking for something  something different, spiritually enriching and fun? I can help make your event even more special with Spirit Intuitive Readings! Choose what type of readings you and your guests want. You may choose mini individual readings up to 15 minutes each either medium or psychic readings are available. The other choice is to have a group “gallery style” Medium reading where I will bring forth messages from loved ones in Spirit. Not all participants are guaranteed will a message from their loved ones.  The party host/hostess will receive a free reading with 6 paid guests.  The time runs 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the numbers of guests

Cost: $50 per person (Minimum 5 people please).  If there will be 10 or more guests, a discount will be applied and it will be $40 per person. Require 50% deposit at the time of booking, the rest at the time of arrival.

Girls Night Out, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Halloween Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Fundraiser Events.



  • Intuitive Reiki Healing Session – Holy Fire® Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful hands-on healing Japanese therapy that works to bring the body back into balance thru a technique based on a principal that the therapist can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing process of the client’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Felicia’s natural intuitive abilities and communication with spirit enables her to receive messages of healing during each session that play an important role in your healing process while utilizing a variety of  tools such as crystal bowls, tuning forks and guidance from your spirit guides. Reiki energy helps to ground, remove blocks, promotes relaxation and restores balance to your body, mind & Spirit.  50 mins – $80.00 
  • Reiki Balancing for Highly Sensitive Children – Being a highly sensitive child Felicia is able to relate and discuss with your child different aspects of feeling overwhelmed by being a HSP. Combined with the calming effects of Holy Fire® Reiki.  50 mins – $80.00  
  • Ask about combining Sound Healing & Tuning Forks with your session

Testimonial: Amazing! That is how I would describe my experience with Felicia. I had been suffering with a persistent headache, and when I casually mentioned it to Felicia during a class, she went right to work… here to read more!

  • Soul Journey – What if you could listen to your deepest soul’s desires, meet your Soul Messenger, Spirt guide or Animal Spirt during a sacred Soul Journey? This one-on-one-one individual guided journey is combined with techniques of relaxation and meditation. Each session is unique as I call upon my inner guides for information and support to help you reach the depths of your soul in order to receive answers to your questions and information about your life’s purpose.  The soul loves the truth and your answers are inside just waiting to come to the surface.   60 mins – $85.00 

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu.




Felicia is featured as one of Lisa Williams Certified Spiritual Advisors in Canada & USA 



The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is up to your own personal responsibilityMessages you receive from any of the Mediums, Psychics or Psychic Mediums listed here are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. 

ICRT/International Center for Reiki Training Certified